CBD Oil for Dogs

Cbd oil for Dogs

These days CBD oil has been topping the charts, not just for human consumption, but for dogs. Treats such as CBD peanut butter for dogs is ideal because it helps with everything ranging from anxiety, stress, lack of appetite and inflammation.

Getting the best CBD oils for dogs is ideal and there are many products to choose from. Dog owners who want their dogs to experience the best health condition need to try the different types of CBD oils for dogs. 

This will be a detailed article  about what CBD dog oils are, their benefits, side effects (if any) and answer any questions relating to using CBD oils for dogs.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is an effective liquid extract which can be gotten from unique herbal strains of the many cannabis plants. All CBD oils are extracted from the plant and the distillate contains diverse substances that can be broken down into terpenes and cannabinoids. 

There are many cannabinoids which exist and they provide a variety of health benefits. CBD oil has about 120 terpenes which give it a distinct taste and smell. The CBD Oil for dogs doesn't differ from the one consumed by humans.

Moreover, CBD oils are more effective when they are used with other safe terpenes. This mixture creates what many call the entourage effect which helps the user.

Which health problems does CBD oil treat in dogs?

Dogs often get infected by many ailments, not every sickness can be solved by these health techniques. Here are some health challenges that CBD oil helps in dogs :

Joint problems

Active dogs are usually affected by bone and joint pains. When you notice this and take them to the vet doctor, they might prescribe NSAIDS or similar pain relief dogs. However, these drugs come with some bad effects like joint deterioration among others.

CBD oil, however, is a natural anti-inflammatory solution which doesn't come with these side effects. It works by binding receptors in the brain. This help alleviates the pain that your dog or other pets may experience. There also exist specific CBD pet products like Paw CBD for Joint and Hips for Dogs.


Unfortunately, 60% of nature dogs will get cancer due to their immunity. Cancer is a big medical problem which affects most dogs and health experts usually recommend radiation or chemography.

Much medical and scientific research has provided a good way 5to help treat cancer in dogs and other ailments that come with it. CBD has been identified as an ideal solution which can help combat cancer in dogs. Cancer has shown more sensitivity when it comes to treatment with CBD.


When your dog keeps writhing in pain, you need to find a quick solution to alleviate it. CBD oil works well in the treatment of arthritis, nerve pain and general body pain. The CBD element in the oil binds the cb1 and cb2 receptors which changes the way pain works in your body. If you have related issues like nausea and sleepiness, the CBD oil will work.

Moreover, when talking about the pain that CBD Oils for dogs solve, it doesn't matter the level, you should rub gently on the spot. 


Another reason why you need CBD oil for dogs is because of anxiety and fear problems. These can appear in many ways ranging from aggression and noise phobia. Many people are attracted  to purchasing anti-anxiety drugs, the side effects are not worth it. With CBD oil, you get a natural solution to your dog's problems.

Seizures and Epilepsy

There is an estimation that about 10% of dogs will be affected by various types of tremors and seizures. This can be dangerous for both the dog owners and the dogs. Pet doctors recommended antiepileptic drugs which include potassium bromate and phenobarbital. However, these medications can be harmful to your dog's kidney and liver. When CBD was tried in the treatment of dogs, it had a high 91% success rate.

How to choose the best CBD store to buy from?

Here are some things to consider when buying CBD oil for dogs :

Lab results

When buying CBD oil for dogs you need to check lab results or the product. This is to ascertain the important percentage of CBD. Ensure you crosscheck to avoid forged results.

Side variations

CBD Oils for dogs usually come in many different sizes which could be 150mg,300mg,600mg up to 1500mg. These sizes are done to cater for the various sizes of dog breeds which are on the market.


It's important to note that CBD oils for dogs aren't cheap, however, you could find bargains. Many monthly doses could cost a minimum of $1 daily. The merit is that this price is a baseline for value.CBD oil for dog prices vary depending on the content needed. 

Brand credibility

When buying from any store, ensure the shops you are buying for are reliable and trustworthy. You can know this by checking online reviews and talking to those who have used the brand before. Visit social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to check their response to enquiries.

Customer support

Customer service is an important factor to consider when dealing with stores selling CBD oil for dogs. That's why it's necessary to always back check their responses to know how they respond to customers.

Website Ui/UX Experience

A reliable and efficient CBD store should have a good website experience. Customers should be able to surf the website for CBD oil products without problems. A reasonable CBD company should be able to invest in a good UX service to help its customers.

Factors to decide the best CBD oil for dogs

When choosing the best CBD oil for dogs, here are factors to consider :

Hemp source

When you want to get good CBD oil for your dog, check where the Hemp comes from and the quality of the product. You should also consider if it's grown indoors or outdoors and how it is managed with herbicides. Moreover, you should also consider what climate it is grown in and how long It stays on the farm.

The type of extracts

When getting a CBD product for your dog ensure you consider the extracts it comes from. There are three sole extracts you can get from CBD, they are :


Isolate is a CBD extract of Hemp. Plants are stripped. This extract is common because it has zero THC content which many people love.


The broad spectrum of CBD oil is a mildly processed form of CBD which has about 0.2 THC content. This CBD type often gives an entourage effect which can be great for dogs.


The full-spectrum CBD is the least processed CBD product and has authentic plant elements. The full spectrum is the most powerful of the CBD extracts. They have about 0.4% to 0.5% of THC content.


It is very important to have a very potent CBD oil for your dog which can be measured in milligrams. The potency is effective when measured by the strength of the CBD products. This can also be seen in CBG and melatonin. For dogs, the milligram can be determined by the pet weight.

Side effects of using CBD oil for your dog's

While CBD oil for dogs is made from natural extracts, it comes with some side effects in dogs:


Many people have reported that their dogs were drowsy and felt sleepy after taking CBD oil. While it doesn't appear to work on all dog breeds you need to be careful about the dosage when giving your dogs this oil.

Appetite issues

Sometimes dogs have a low appetite for food when they take this CBD oil. If you use CBD oil, your dog might be prone to appetite issues. Eating is important for a dog's general health, so sometimes low appetite will be bad.

Dry mouth

It has been reported that using CBD oil can cause dry mouth in dogs. This is common among poodles, alsatians and Doberman.


Nausea is a health condition where your dog seems to want to vomit. Using CBD has been known to cause nausea in many dogs. Although no one knows the dosage that causes it, it's pretty serious.


Some dogs have been found to vomit shortly after using the cbd oil. There are many reasons for this. It could be linked to wrong dosage, other illnesses not discovered or a dirty environment. If your dog is exhibiting vomiting symptoms after taking the cbd oil, see your vet. 

Unusual weakness 

It's also possible that your pet will show signs of weakness after taking the cbd oil. When this happens, it is usually traced to bad feeding habits. You should ensure that your dog eats before using the oils one them and they must be properly hydrated. 

CBD oil for dog ear infection

Though ear infections are common in dogs, getting the right treatment for them is complicated. Dogs with floppy ears are susceptible to ear problems.

 Not treating your dog's infections quickly is dangerous because it could make your dog uncomfortable and in severe cases resort to death. However, when you use CBD oil for dogs, it could help treat your dogs. However, using the right dosage for your dog depends on your dog's size and breed.


Can a dog die from too much CBD oil?

No, dogs cannot die from taking an overdose of CBD oil. However, it's possible to notice some side effects when your dog takes too much CBD oil. Many dogs usually sleep after taking CBD oil.

How to give a dog CBD oil?

There are several ways you can give your dog CBD oil. The first way is to use treats to give your dog CBD. When using CBD dog treats such as CBD beef jerky for dogs, your dog can absorb the CBD oil better. You can do this by applying it to your dog's treat.

Can I give my dog CBD oil and phenobarbital?

No, it's harmful to give your dog CBD and phenobarbital at the same time. Using both together for your pet can cause a huge risk for interaction. Most times CBD can raise phenobarbital levels to harmful levels.

CBD oil for dog allergies? 

Sometimes, your dog might be experiencing itching or scratching which is different from normal. Dog allergies affect 20% of dogs, however, sometimes it could be problematic. These pet allergies can cause nose and eye problems which cause influenza-related issues like coughing. When this happens to your dog, you should see a vet. 

Can CBD oil help with dog aggression? 

Yes, there is evidence to show that CBD oil helps alleviate dog aggression. Many users have confessed that CBD oil can reduce anxiety and all forms of pet aggression. It is a 100% safe solution which won't give your dog any THC side effects. 

Can humans take dog CBD oil? 

Yes, it's possible to have humans take dog CBD oil. However, you have to consider the ingredients as related to human grade. However, have it in mind that CBD Oils don't have additives. While these additives might not be harmful to humans, the formulation is for pets. People should avoid using CBD oils for dogs.

Can I give my dog Rimadyl and CBD oil?

Yes, there doesn't seem to be a problem with giving Rimadyl and CBD oil. However, there is a slight risk that using both solutions could affect your dog.

Can CBD oil make my dog pant?

No, CBD oil cannot make your dog pant. Usually, when you use CBD oil for your dog, you will suffer lethargy and sleep. Since CBD oil doesn't have THC content, your dog is free from panting and anxiety problems.


CBD oil for dogs is a good health solution to take you're of your dog's health. However, before choosing CBD oil for your dog, you have to know how to buy it from the best CBD stores. Also, these oils offer many benefits for dogs including treating cancer, pain, inflammation and ear infection. There are side effects to expect when you use this product, and they include nausea, vomiting and skin irritation.