CBD in San Diego - Where to Buy, Legality, and Everything Else

The issues surrounding the possession and use of cannabis in San Diego, California, have led to the need to understand the current government policies that surround it. It used to be unclear if CBD dispensaries San Diego were legally allowed to sell their various CBD products, but it was certain that the government would clarify its laws concerning CBD in San Diego.

Residents of San Diego can legally purchase cannabis products from CBD dispensaries and stores without fear of breaking the law, as long as they are at least 1000 feet from schools, parks, churches, libraries, childcare centers, and other population-based areas in the city. 

They should also be 100 feet from residential zones. It was approved that there shouldn't be more than 36 cannabis outlets citywide, however, you can find cannabis products in any AUER CBD store across different locations in San Diego.

In this article, you'll understand how to legally purchase cannabis and its products in San Diego. You'll find out the cannabis products that are available across the city, and the right stores to get them.

What You Can Purchase and Where

In the Auer CBD stores you'll find a complete variety of products and brands including: CBD, Delta 8, CBG, CBN and in the forms of tinctures, edibles ranging from CBD gummy rings, candies, cbd tinctures, pet treats, and cbd topicals with a wide variety of flavors.

Auer also carries several brands in our San Diego stores such as:

The closest Auer CBD stores to you are:

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Cannabis in San Diego Continued

Cannabis is a common name among many people in the world due to its association with recreational and medicinal uses. In San Diego, as in every other place, cannabis is the plant from which psychoactive and non-psychoactive bioproducts - THC and CBD - are obtained.

Cannabis contains a number of organic chemicals, including Cannabigerol, CBG, Cannabidiol, CBD, Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, and Cannabinol, CBN, among others. THC is the most psychoactive of all these organic chemicals, and it is legal in San Diego. CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabis chemical, is also present as a product of cannabis in San Diego, as are the other cannabinoids in some specific products.

Generally, when there is mention of cannabis as a product, it is confusing to ascertain if one is referring to any of the individual cannabinoids of the cannabis plant.

In agreement with federal cannabis laws, the use of cannabis and its products for recreational and medicinal purposes is allowed in San Diego. You can purchase any cannabis product in any of the licensed stores.

What Cannabis Products are Legal in San Diego?

All cannabis products are legal to purchase and use, recreationally and medically, in San Diego. However, you need to purchase from a licensed cannabis outlet. The use of cannabis has seen some growth in San Diego since the consumption of only the hemp plant's buds. Now, with many products, such as cannabis oil, CBD gummies, CBD bath bombs, CBD isolate, THC products, and many more, available and legal in stores, their use has only increased.

You can find cannabis products for human and pet use in the licensed stores in San Diego. Products you should expect to find include:

Cannabis Oil in San Diego

Cannabis oil is an extract of the cannabis plant. It is the most commonly bought substance cannabis product in San Diego. Also called hash oil, or sometimes referred to when speaking about CBD tinctures, it contains, in varying concentrations, the organic constituents of the cannabis plant, including THC and CBD. Different manufacturers extract cannabis oil from different strains of the cannabis plant, hence the variation in constituents, especially CBD and THC, concentrations. Also, methods of extracting cannabis oil vary among manufacturers, hence, the variation in purity levels.

Cannabis oil San Diego serves many purposes, including for recreational use, that is to get high, using vapes and cartridges, for cosmetic purposes, and for medical purposes. It is usually consumed orally - by ingestion, smoking, vaporization, or applied on the skin topically.

It is important to note that cannabis oil is found in almost all cannabis products. It also caters to some medical and mental issues, such as anxiety, epilepsy, stress, inflammation, pain, and sleep disorders. CBD oil San Diego is available in many CBD San Diego stores.

CBD Dog Treats

CBD is the most medicinally useful constituent of the cannabis plant. Although its use among humans is common, CBD for dogs San Diego is less common but is currently on the rise. Dogs also suffer from anxiety, pain and inflammation, and sleep disorders, and while there are veterinary treatments for these conditions, CBD also helps in their treatment.

CBD for dogs is present as a treat that you can serve to your pups. They are formulated in combination with other ingredients that improve their palatability. They are generally less crunchy than the treats your dogs are used to, but they provide a good range of benefits.

As they're suitable for dogs of all ages, you can serve them to your older dogs that are suffering from arthritis, and to your younger dogs that are suffering from panic and anxiety disorders.

CBD Gummies

This is one of the common cannabis products and edibles. They are made to make cannabidiol consumption easier and avoid the need for smoking, vaping, or vaporizing cannabis oil. CBD gummies are soft and easy to chew. They're perfect for those who want to enjoy the medicinal benefit of the cannabis plant without experiencing the high THC causes.

CBD gummies San Diego come in different formulations, and they cater to different needs. You'll find CBD gummies that contain only Cannabidiol - CBD Isolate gummies. However, there are other CBD gummies, such as CBD gummies with THC, broad-spectrum CBD gummies, and full-spectrum CBD gummies, among others.

CBD gummies are a good way to get introduced to the cannabis plant and its products. They are easy to use, and you can use them discreetly.

Delta 8 products

Delta 8 THC products are available in some San Diego cannabis product outlets. Delta 8 is a psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, and it is an isomer of the common Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 is currently under research for its effects that may differ from Delta 9; however, the public has begun to use it.

To find Delta 8 San Diego, you'll need to purchase products such as vapes, edibles, tinctures, and gummies. While searching for "Delta 8 San Diego '' on the internet may bring you some results, you'll find better product ranges and make informed purchases by visiting a licensed cannabis outlet.

You can opt for Delta 8 THC products if you're seeking relaxation from stress or you want to improve your focus. It also induces sleep, boosts appetite, and eases pain.

You can find Delta 8 products combined with some common flavors, especially with gummies, such as watermelon and chocolate.

CBD Cosmetic and Beauty Products

As cannabis can exert its influence on the body through ingestion, you can experience its effects through your skin. There are cannabis products that are available for use exclusively on your skin. The double advantage to using CBD skincare, beauty, and cosmetic products is that you'll experience both the beauty and medicinal benefits of cannabis.

You'll find CBD cosmetic products that range from bath bombs to creams and oils. Generally, CBD oil can be used as a cosmetic product since it can be added to creams to enjoy its benefits. While CBD cosmetic products aren't used for recreational reasons, you'll expect to see that they have no, or almost no, THC.

CBD cosmetic and beauty products are used to regulate the skin's oil production through the sebaceous glands. It is also useful in treating acne, dry and itchy skin, and restoring some youthfulness to the skin. It also helps to reduce stress by eliminating free radicals from the skin cells.

You'll find some CBD cosmetic and beauty products in an Auer CBD store in San Diego near you.

CBD Beverages

Teas, sodas, and energy drinks are common beverages all over the world; however, you can now have your fill of cannabinoids in beverages. Although it isn't new in some states like San Diego where the state laws permit the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, it has become more accepted. It is another discrete way of consuming cannabis compounds without the smoke and its debilitating effect on users' health.

CBD Beverages are usually made to contain only CBD and give its users the medical benefit of cannabis they seek to enjoy. However, users that are after the high but don't want to smoke can also enjoy some THC-infused cannabis beverages in San Diego. Purchasing them in CBD stores across the city removes the stress of having to grow cannabis and prepare the beverage from scratch. You can also find dried cannabis leaves and buds for sale in CBD stores, typically in tea bags, for infused cannabis tea.

You can gain all the medical benefits attached to using CBD and the psychoactivity of THC, if that's your thing, with the variety of cannabis beverages you'll find in CBD stores San Diego.

CBD Balm and Creams

The non-psychoactive compound in cannabis helps with pain and inflammation, hence, its use in the preparation of balms and creams that help individuals suffering from some pain and inflammation. As useful as CBD is for pain, THC - the psychoactive compound in the hemp plant - is also useful for the same purpose.

Cannabis oil, containing both compounds, is usually mixed with regular creams to help with the pain. However, there are cannabis products that consist solely of these cannabinoids. The balms and creams are applied topically to the affected area, and after some time, users start to feel their effect.

Cannabis Capsules

Cannabis, containing CBD and THC, is present in many CBD dispensaries across San Diego. You'll usually find them in clear capsule casings that you can easily open, or ingest. Cannabis Capsules are a good option for individuals interested in using cannabis for medicinal purposes as it is easy to dose and usually have a longer-lasting or quick-acting effect.

Cannabis Capsules come in different forms. They may contain a single cannabis compound, such as CBD-only capsules or THC-only capsules - although they are usually noted on each capsule. They may also contain a combination of CBD and THC, meaning that a user will experience the medicinal and psychoactive effects of cannabis. The capsules can contain full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. It can also contain CBD or THC distillates, decarboxylated or ground cannabis flower, or crystalline CBD.

With cannabis capsules, you can isolate the medicinal benefits of cannabis from its psychoactive effects. You can also combine both. However, note that the nature of the capsule can influence how fast the cannabis, in whatever form it is, starts to act.

Cannabis Chocolate

One of the cannabis edibles you'll find in the many San Diego CBD stores is cannabis chocolate. It offers a combination of a familiar taste and a foreign one in one product. It is perfect for individuals who are trying cannabis for the first time. Cannabis chocolate helps to introduce cannabinoids into your body with some sugar.

While a new user can only faintly feel the taste of cannabis in this chocolate, they'll feel the full effect. It is another way to discreetly consume cannabis without the smoke. A pop of chocolate cube in your mouth can have you feeling euphoria and managing stress.

Cannabis Lollipop

Just as there is cannabis chocolate, you can have cannabis on a hardened or gummy ball of sweetness, with a stick beneath it. Cannabis lollipops are another discreet way of consuming cannabis, and avoiding the detriment of smoking or vaporizing the buds. You can enjoy the euphoric feeling THC provides or the calming effect of using CBD by licking a stick of lollipop.

Usually, cannabis lollipops can be broad-spectrum or full spectrum. They usually have their constituents on the wrapper, to notify you of what strain of cannabis it is made from and the percentage concentration of each cannabinoid in them.

These lollipops also have some familiar flavors including raspberry, tangerine, citrus, watermelon, mangoes, and many more. The familiarity of these flavors helps you enjoy the cannabis lollipop more. And you'll also enjoy the medicinal and mental benefits of cannabis alongside the flavors.

Where can I buy cbd oil in San diego?

It's one thing to know the existence of products in your area, it's another thing to have access to them when you want. The good thing is that it is legal for individuals that are 21 years and above in San Diego to walk into any CBD store to purchase any of their cannabis products. However, not all of these stores have the products highlighted above.

Generally, you'll need to visit a CBD dispensary in San Diego to have CBD-only products, although other stores do have them. However, you may find other cannabis products, especially psychoactive ones in other CBD stores across San Diego. In some cases, you'll find both THC and CBD products in some stores. Ensure that you patronize a CBD store or dispensary that is licensed.

One of the trusted cannabis and CBD product stores in San Diego is AUER CBD. They have three stores around San Diego, and they offer a wide range of high-quality cannabis products, including tinctures, at affordable prices. Whether you're at the Newport, Vista, or India streets, and its surroundings in San Diego, you can easily pop in, make inquiries on products, and purchase the ones you need. If you're seeking dispensary ocean beach San Diego, it's the right spot for you. Here are places where you can find their physical stores.

Why Choose AUER CBD Stores in San Diego?

Despite the competition among Cannabis and Cannabis product stores in San Diego, AUER has risen and stayed as one of the most trusted brands in the area for some reason. Some of these reasons are why you should stick with them, or begin shopping for your CBD products there, and they include:

Free and Prompt Shipping

Getting into a store to purchase CBD products is pretty normal, as is ordering for them online. However, you're unsure about how soon your product will get to you, even if the store is some streets away from you when you order online. 

With AUER CBD Stores, you don't have to wait long before getting your purchases. Depending on how far away from their store you are in San Diego, your product reaches you in minutes. This is because they have stores in different locations in San Diego, and your product will ship from the nearest store to you.

Also, you'll enjoy free shipping when you purchase CBD products that are worth over $100. Therefore, not only will you get your products in time, you won't have to incur extra costs for purchasing online.

Brand Shopping

It's easy to get confused when shopping for cannabis products as there are different products that are similar but for different brands. If you already know which brand you want, you can easily shop by brand.

Of the numerous brands' products in the AUER CBD Stores catalog, they also have their own brand of CBD products, which points to their level of authority and experience in the cannabis business. Their products range from tinctures to cannabis oils, dog treats, gummies and edibles, lollipops, and creams, among other things.

The AUER brand competes well with other locally known brands such as Pachamama San Diego, and others such as CBD Living, PMS San Diego, and Flav CBD. In fact, AUER CBD products are the best sellers in its catalog.

Easy Shopping by Categories

To make your shipping experience seamless and easy, you can shop by category, whether you're ordering your CBD products online or in their physical store. This reduces the time you spend shuffling through shelves to pick the right product.

For each brand, there's a category that caters to all the CBD products it offers. In their online store, the same applies. You can easily find AUER Gummies on a section of the shelf dedicated to AUER CBD products. If you prefer other brands, you'll find their products in the same manner.

Shopping by categories on the AUER official website allows you to streamline your search by choosing CBD essentials, edibles, gummies, tinctures, topicals, and CBD pet products. However, you also have the option of browsing through all the available products in their catalog.

Information-based Shopping

As a first-time cannabis and cannabis product user, there are too many products to choose from, and that can lead to making the wrong choice of product. In AUER CBD Stores, you'll have the guidance of the store attendants, who have a vast knowledge of cannabis and its products. They also know how each brand differs from the others, and they'll help you choose the right product with their knowledge.

If you wish to order CBD products online, their guidance remains there to help you, as they have numerous resources to give you information on the different products they have. You can browse through, or search, their blog for whatever information concerns your confusion and query. You can also contact their stores for an in-person chat about products and brands, to help you make the right product choice. You also have the option of contacting them via email as provided on their website.


AUER CBD stores don't sell cannabis products alone, they also manufacture them, and they ensure that users of their products are informed of the precise constituents of the product they are purchasing.

In products that have other natural ingredients, other than cannabinoids, they ensure to list them, and their quantities. This helps individuals with certain diet preferences, such as vegans, to make the right CBD product choices.

Also, because they're licensed to sell cannabis and its products, they are required by law to be as transparent as possible. This makes them a safe shopping place for your pet CBD products and yours. As the law still gives employers the authority to carry out drug tests, you can be sure to pass your tests when you use THC-free products from AUER.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis and cannabis products are legal for recreational and medical uses in San Diego; however, you need to purchase them from licensed dispensaries and stores. The law in San Diego prevents cannabis users from smoking around population-dense areas, such as libraries, children's care centers, schools, and parks. However, you can avoid smoking by choosing cannabis products such as edibles, gummies, lollipops, and the like.

Licensed cannabis and cannabis product stores such as AUER provide the best quality CBD products. Therefore, if you're seeking a cannabis dispensary around Ocean Beach, San Diego, choose AUER CBD. They are a trusted brand in the San Diego CBD community, and they produce their own cannabis products from scratch. They'll provide guidance when you need it, and deliver your product on time, and sometimes, for free.